to f○armers buying home ●appliances. ●If everything goes s◆

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umption has al〓ways playe●d a key role i

moothly, the pro●gram will further e■xpand in F○ebruary of next● year.Under the sub●sidy scheme, the cen■tral government g●ives farmers● a 13 percent s●ubsidy on ■purchases of cert〓ain home applian○ces. These inclu◆de washing machi●nes, color TVs, r■efrigerators a●nd even mobil

n● boosting dom■estic cons

e phone◆s.Authorities hav◆e also lowered ○their requirements○ for manufacture■rs who provi●de applian■ces for th●e subsidy program.I◆n a small town in ◆Shandong Province, t■he project 〓is increas〓ing farmer●s' interest in buyin●g home appliances.M●eng Qingdong, one Sh■andong f

um〓ption, especi●ally amid the gl■obal

armer sai〓d "It's much cheap○er now to buy th〓is color TV■ under the subsidy p○lan. After the pur●chase, I on●ly need to apply t○o local financial a○uthorities with〓 a receipt and my I■D card, the◆n within a cou●ple of weeks, the■ government will ◆give me th◆e funds. "As each ?/p>

financial cris◆is. Now more

鬶ome appliance i◆n the prog●ram has a ●sort of ID ca○rd, farmers can ge●t useful information● through a special ■system.Zheng Shu○wei, Director of■ Comprehensive D◆epartment of Minist●ry of Commerce sa◆id "By using this ●system, you can f◆ind out informa●tion on home a●pplianc

pro●vinces and cities a○cross China are

es' pr●oduction and sa■les,and you can als■o find out i●f there is ●a subsidy for a pa○rticular item. ◆Farmers can also lea○rn how much the○ subsidy is and when◆ it be will b◆e offered. This tra●nsparent operationa■l method can ●effectivel■y prevent mi◆stakes and corrupt●ion."

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